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Wendy Kaneko
Review for Timothyray Laber Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 Review for Timothyray Laber: There are many body workers out there who can massage you and relax you. Not many of them are true healers like Timothyray Laber. The minute I met Timothyray and entered his beautiful office space, I felt his gaze look right into me. I had his full attention. His gentle and tender ways made me feel at ease instantly! I came from my hectic workplace but the moment I stepped into his office, I felt a sense of trust and relief. As he began to ask me questions about my history, I felt as if he already knew me! He seemed to listen with ALL his senses! I had surgery in both feet and was experiencing lots of pain there. I listened to him explain some of my issues and knew he was very knowledgable and experienced. When we began my session, I was amazed that Timothyray asked my permission to touch my feet and work on me. This instilled in me his respect for my boundaries, but also a way of participating and giving permission for my own healing! I knew his heart was in the right place! Through gentle manipulations I began to let go and feel relief. Timothy's hands are firm but tender! I felt safe and nurtured. His knowledge of what was going on in my body astounded me and touched my heart deeply. It is rare to find such a compassionate healer who really seems to love what he does and is so willing to share his wisdom! In his sanctuary, I could feel myself letting go more and more until the pain in my feet no longer throbbed and my awareness was heightened. Many times I was almost moved to tears by the kindness he showed me. I do not know how else to explain, but my body feels so much better and so does my heart! I will continue to work with Timothyray so I can heal completely! I have faith that he is a healer in the truest sense! You may go in for a massage, but you will leave with so much more! I feel grateful that I have found Timothyray! He has given me hope that one day I can live without all this pain and I trust he can help me on this healing journey! Wendy Kaneko❤️ Sent from my iPhone Wendy Kaneko
Timothyray is my Hero Excellent amazing bodywork my hip 100% pain free after one session.
Awesome Timothyray is amazing. He knows how to get to the root of the problem and then explains to you what is going on. Then, with much expertise and experience he begins to work on the issues in the "tissue". Surprised to find out that the source of the problem may be somewhere else on the body that is "referred" to at the painful or tender site. Most therapists just massage over all or some of the areas that you "feel" the pain, only to have it return soon after. Timothy gets to the source of the problem. He is an expert therapist and bonifide "healer."
Finally..Relief!! Thank you Timothyray!!! This is the second morning that I have awakened pain free and refreshed after a great nights sleep, for the first time in over a year! Thank you Timothyray. The treatment is working and I look forward to another day feeling balanced and relaxed, not having to plan my day around my chronic discomfort. This is just the beginning, I know, and I am looking forward to more sessions to keep this body of mine in a healthy and pain free way.Your knowledge and skill are incredible and I appreciate your ability to help me after years of chronic and accute pain.
Tina T
Amazing result My experience with Timothyray , honestly was indescribable and with amazing result. It was by far the best experience with bodywork that I have ever had. His knowledge about both the physical body and my non-physical self was incredible. He was able to explain why certain body parts hurt so bad. And helped me understand the root causes of my neck and shoulder pain. He gave me helpful advice on how to manage and improve many areas of my health. My experience with Timothyray was nourishing to my mind, body and soul. Thank you so much Timothy, my neck and shoulder are more relax and no more rock hard shoulder. You are the best!!
Sharon C
Gratitude Pain is a great motivator to seek help, also to accept help. I appreciate so much TRL healing touch and his caring approach to his practice. I experienced immediate relief from the first treatment. His insights and suggestions and willingness to share have also been beneficial. I plan to continue since this is an ongoing process for as long as TRL is available
Eva T
True massage therapy I moved to Sarasota few years back and I was searching for a good massage therapist since. Thanks to groupon I was able to discover Timothyray and my search was over. Not only he help me but also my husband who's been suffering from headaches and neck pain for quite some time. He takes the time to get to the root of the problem and carefully listens to his clients. He has many years of experience under his belt and vast knowledge of human body. His sessions are not only therapeutic but also very educational. If you have a serious problem I highly recommend you'd give him a try.
Bob Polimeni
amazing results I have had lumbar spine problems for well over 20 yrs. I have moderate to advanced Multilevel chronic degenerative disc problems and sacroiliac joint degradation. I have been operated on plus every level of medical attempts to correct a level of pain in the to 10 range. But to no avail, until I met Timothy Ray Laber. He not only listened intently but asked questions no one else ever asked. Amazingly on my first visit he worked on my abdominal area, not my back and somehow caused more effective results than all the numerous medical attempts. I could tell that his treatments included looking and feeling for internal reactions that told him if he was getting results with his skilled magical fingers. I am amazed that my pain level dropped by 50% with one visit. God bless you Ray!!
Dr. KZ
Amazing Approach to Massage and Bodywork I commend Timothyray for providing a much needed and very personalized service here in Sarasota. Timothray has a unique and sensitive approach to massage therapy; it is almost medicinal in nature. If you are in need of a therapist that asks questions about your areas of physical or emotional stress and really listens to your responses, then give Timothray a chance to help you. I came in with a very specific set of issues, including persistent dizziness of which I have suffered from for almost 7 years, along with the usual aches and pains. We walked through my medical history and Timpthyray very professionally explained to me different bodywork options to try to reduce the dizziness, but also the stress that comes with such a confusing and complicated symptom. My experience has been very positive. It is not just going for a traditional massage, it is much more. I leave feeling rejuvenated and hopeful that someday, I will be able to finally be permanently relieved from my dizziness. Timothyray has been very helpful and caring, it has been a really wonderful experience working with him.
Outstanding I took advantage of a Groupon to introduce myself and my needy body to the caring hands and skills of Timothy Ray Laber. Not only educational, the session was very helpful to my stress and understanding of my physiology. I am scheduling another appointment soon. This is a very good deal!
Debbie Polimenakos
Very Powerful Healing I was on vacation in Sarasota after a long stressful period in my life. I feel so blessed to have found Timothyray. He is so dedicated to his work, and it shows!! He listens to what you AND your body are saying, and applies his many years of knowledge and experience into his techniques to help you find your balance again. I hadn't realized just how much the stress had affected me. Timothy's knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with a multitude of techniques he uses, combine to offer the deepest healing I have ever experienced. This healing occurred on a physical AND emotional level, and seems to have freed my emprisoned Spirit!!! My balance has been restored. Thank you Timothy! You are an amazing person!
Happy Feet :) Timothy-Ray is a very compassionate and caring individual who has much knowledge in his field of work. He worked on my feet (especially my big toe) and I already feel the improvement. With a little less high heels, and more body work I hope to have such happy feet more often! Thanks Timothy!
Amazing I have tried a number of different massage therapists and Tim is a number of levels above all of them! He takes his craft seriously and genuinely wants to help people improve their function. I highly recommend him. Higher price is worth every penny of improvement in fu nction.
more than a massage I left the session not only feeling relaxed, and with less pain but also empowered with the knowledge of the root causes of my difficulties. Knowing the why puts me in charge of my well being. Thank you for finding the trigger points and giving me knowledge